Realities of the biological process

Bodies of flesh live in fear of the enviable. Wandering around looking for purposes that don’t exist. Meanings of life are nothing more than biology running it’s course. Morals, laws, and acts of goodness are decisions based upon guidance from a being that is well-known but never seen. Disease and homicide is a result of our own doing. Corrupt governments, drugs, and paper rule our … Continue reading Realities of the biological process


I am in a forest. As I am walking, I pay no mind to the flowers. A bee buzzes past me. It pollinates my mind. The bee leaves whispers in my ear. Watch out for the fire he says. She will consume you. I try to take another step but I am frozen. Vines crawl up my legs. They slither into my mouth. My words … Continue reading Fire

Writing challenge: Write without back spacing

Anamorphic illusions occupy the spaces of my mind that should be filled with the disillusioned ideals of reality. Panic sets in and starts to multiply. Reassessment takes place as the reconfigured sector finds normality once more. No longer confined by these ideals, I am calmed by the thoughts of it. The demeaning fractures dissipate. All is restored and the hive mind can continue – Complications … Continue reading Writing challenge: Write without back spacing