Finite: Daily Prompt

In the middle of the night in my dreams…

Oh wait, those are Taylor Swift lyrics. The song has been stuck in my head for days. They are her words…

Words…. Speaking of…. What are they? Nothing but sounds taken as a form of communication. They can have formidable meaning yet, they only last for a split second after they are said. You could say they are finite. We hold on to the things that don’t last but a second. Words, glances, mistakes; they are all finite. Imagine having a jar of all of the things that don’t last. The jar would be considered empty, right? Everything you thought to be important just disappearing in a moment. What can we consider important then?

These are all questions we need to be asking ourselves when making decisions or spending time on things that take up a lot of space. We dwell inside the jar and not outside of it. Soon, we will disappear too.

Is any of this making sense?


Good. It is not meant to. We are always bombarded with the words organization and order. Writing, and other expressive and creative outlets, are not meant to be confined by rules or orders. Sometimes we need to lay out our thoughts on a page and the hassle of making them make “sense” to others make it less appealing, forgetting the true reason we are here writing in the first place. These words, our thoughts, our feelings; finite. So why not add them to the jar and let them disappear?

When I am doing these daily prompts, they are not for you. They are for me. When you do something you enjoy, make sure it is for you too.


As a small note, I would like to say that I will be doing these daily prompts as much as I can and they most likely will not have an order, they will not have a storyline, and they will not be in a context for understanding. These prompts are words for me to spark a series of thoughts put together on a page. Perhaps they will ignite a story or a future post. This is a place to step outside of my college life of “order” and “organized writing.” It is nice to have a format to follow when doing assignments, but in my free time, I don’t want to be held down to those restrictions. I just want to be me, you know? 


Love, Lettie


To find out more about the daily prompts, click here.


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