The stage

And there I was. Standing there looking into the light. This is what I live for. The audience is getting feisty as the music prepares to get more intense. One by one, my cast mates each shine on. My cue is next. My hands are sweaty, my heart races, it’s my turn. The spotlight shines on me now. A series of particular dance movements and harmonies arise. The audience is getting as excited as I am by now. I pour my heart and soul into the light and space that is surrounding me. This feels so surreal. I feel like I am evaporating into each ballad, each beat. In no time this will be over, but I soak in every second of every light particle that touches me and I remember each in a special place in my mind. I cannot see into the crowd. I do not need to as I feel them. I feel their individual wants and needs from the show happening in front of them. The music is filling in the spaces the light is not. You cannot see it, but you can feel it. The scene is gliding into the next and I am rushed with thoughts of an exit strategy as I have hundreds of times before. The song and dance comes to an end. I am already craving the next time I am here as this is what I am here for. I find myself on the side once more and wait until the rush of life can once again reunite with me. This is the life of a performer.


-Love, Lettie

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