I finished!

So I finished my associates degree!… Now what?

This is a major question we don’t give any thought towards. We sit in our classes, finish our homework, and let our lives pass by, until we don’t. Then there is that extensive time between one degree and the next. For me, I have eight months of pure nothing, so what am I going to do with all of that time? I will be using it wisely. There are things I pushed aside because I had no time. When we get caught up in our busy schedules, there tends to be the things we let go. I want those things back. Here is a list of things in no particular order I will be getting back (and a few new things I want to do).

  1. Spend more quality time outside. 
    I have already been doing this one, but it was at the top of my list and I have been making a point to make sure I do this. I love sitting in the sun and reading. I love sitting in the sun and doing pretty much anything. We got a nice set of outdoor furniture and I have been sitting in it ever since. I put up some outdoor string lights and made the patio not just a slab of concrete, but a comfort zone. There truly isn’t anything better than a nice chair and fresh air.
  2. Find as many geocaches as possible.
    As some of you may know from reading my post (here) about my latest hiking adventure, I am a geocache fanatic. I want to see my map have nothing but yellow happy faces in my area (happy faces show that you found that geocache). There is something exciting about being a total suspect digging around a public place trying not to get caught. With some help of my friends and family, I have over 30 finds and I want to have them all! There are so many waiting to be found, it’s ridiculous. Seriously, you should look.
  3. Finish reading all of the books I bought over the last year.
    So, lets face it, I have a book buying problem.. I see a cool looking book and I have to get it. Half of the time, I don’t look to see how people liked it or if it’s even a good read. I am the kind of person who likes to go for things. If I ended up not enjoying it, I still ended up finishing another book. Success! I have been feeding my hunger for reading lately. I am pretty new to it all and I am still finding what I like. So far, I very much enjoy suspense/psychological thrillers. The creepier and more horrifying, the better. I like reading about twisted minds and crazy people. I like the element of surprise. Since making this list in my journal, I have finished two books! 20 more to go…
  4. Self care.
    I know a lot of us are guilty of this. We get busy and we stop taking care of our bodies. These are the very vessels that allow us to do everything that make us busy! I know it is hard to manage life and still focus on how your body is doing. This is why I will be eating better, getting more sleep, and focusing on my mental health. Self care is incredibly important and I wish I could have managed my time better to focus on myself. I definitely took time when I needed it the most, but not when I needed it in general. Being stressed all of the time is not good for you. It wears you down and makes you become a person you don’t recognize anymore.
  5. Get a tan.
     Seems like a dumb achievement, but because I have been inside a building for over two years, I am a freaking ghost. I need sun. I went to see my doctor recently, and she told me I have a vitamin D deficiency (no surprise). She proceeded to give me instructions on how to go outside, what I should wear, and how long I should be there assuming I wasn’t sure. I got the hint, I’m outside, it’s all good.
  6. Hike.
    This is pretty self explanatory. Definitely another outdoor activity that I am excited to spend more time doing. If I do just one of these things on my list, such as hiking, I can knock out a few others at the same time! Woo!
  7. Garden.
    This is usually on my goals list every year. I accomplish it, there just happens to be the problem of growing plants outside that never works out. The California heat is no joke. This time around, I will be focusing more on indoor plants. More specifically, herbs. My favorites are Rosemary and Thyme. I found some super cute herbs in a can at Target and Lowes which I may get. If you like plants, I insist that you check out the new line Target is hosting in the homeware aisle. They have super cute succulents and herbs!
  8. Create.
    When I was a teenager, I loved art. I used to paint and draw and make pottery all the time. Obviously with college, I got too busy for it and eventually stopped making it altogether. A friend has been doing monthly art challenges and I have been keeping up with them the best I can. Now that I am finished, I can get back into it!
  9. Take my little dog too..
    I seriously have been slacking on taking Leela (my cute tripawd) out. I would take her a lot of places, but then I stopped going places and then so did she. She gets bored and becomes a total spaz. She needs to have more outings!
  10. Renew my library card.
    This goes in hand with finishing my books, but I need to stop buying them and start borrowing them. I would like to have a series of books on my shelf that I know I will pick up again. I know that can only happen if I read a few first and find what I truly love. The Harry Potter series has not failed me! So there is that!
  11. Use my camera
    I love going out and taking photos of nature and random things. I would go out when I could and take pretty pictures of the sunset and then stopped. I want to get back into that. Plus I really need some stock photos for my blog.
  12. Write
    Obviously I started this blog to do just that, but I haven’t had time to have a set schedule for my posts. Creative writing is so damn fun. When I am writing essays for class, I would rather melt into a pit of lava. I don’t like following the rules of educational writing. I like doing my own thing. If I want to be a sarcastic smart-ass, I can. If I want to get detailed and write without regard to a standard, I will. I understand grammatical rules need to apply, but having a specific writing etiquette and that lame, fake, “I totally give a shit about this topic I am writing about and here is everything I Googled” essay is not the business. So look out for new material coming out soon! Don’t forget to send me suggestions so I don’t totally bore you to death!

    And that pretty much wraps up most of the things I will be pursuing! I have some less descriptive things like, freshening up some of my skills, that I will be doing. I need to practice my sign language since I dedicated two semesters learning it. I had so much fun with it that I want to keep pursuing it at my next college.
    Of course I will still be doing theater and all of the other things that I made time for in my busy life as well. I think I might travel too but we will see! I am excited to take some time off and enjoy life a little more without stressing all of the time.
    Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know if you want to know more about my journey getting my associates! I think I want to make a post soon anyway 😉

    -Love, Lettie


4 thoughts on “I finished!

  1. Have you used BookBub? If you ever read e-books, you should check it out. Now how to explain it without sounding like an ad…
    Basically, you go in and check the genres you like and it sends links to your email every day to where you can download (via Amazon or whichever site you pick) either for free or a discount. I only really get the free ones and I have a Kindle and the Kindle app on my phone and it’s instant and easy. It only sends links to free or cheap books so I love it. I also check the “childrens” books option so I get free books for my 6 year old too. And it sends an email every day so I get a lot of free books. I read mostly YA books but download books in other categories when they sound like something I would like. 🙂


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